"Pay What You Want" for available show tickets at the
Randall Theatre box office door before every show!

Thank you to the Coeurage Theatre Company of Los Angeles for the PWYW Q&A listed below

What exactly is "Pay What You Want" (PWYW)?
PWYW is just what it sounds like, you pay the price that you want to pay. Our shows aren’t free or donation-based. We operate like other theatre companies but we let you fill in the blank for the ticket price at the door - all we ask is that you pay at least $1 to get in.

It’s a very important business decision when a company picks a price for their product. We are, in essence, making each and every patron a business partner when they walk in the door and choose the price of a ticket.

Why do PWYW?
Our mission is to make theatre accessible. We never want the cost of a ticket to keep people from going to see live theatre. With PWYW, theatre-goers from all walks of life can pay a price that is both fair and affordable. 

This is not to take anything away from any other Oregon live theaters.  The Rogue Valley has some of the best theater in the nation and we support all of them.  This model just suits our needs, purpose and mission.

What’s the difference between Pay What You Can (PWYC) and PWYW?
Many companies have PWYC performances every now and then to appeal to the crowds that can’t normally pay the $30+ to see the show. We’d like a patron who can afford only $5 to have the same opportunity as the one who can afford $50.

PWYC references one’s ability to pay (can), while PWYW appeals to one’s desire to pay (want). We care about giving you an opportunity to pay a price that’s fair to YOU regardless of the show or how many shows in a production run.

What about online ticket sales?
We have not yet found an online solution to provide true Pay What You Want. Because there is a fee associated with online sales, we do have to set a minimum price to cover the costs from the processing company. Please note: Buying early is the best way to avoid a missing a show due to a sell-out and is a big help to us.

So how much should I pay?
Well, we design the shows to be worth $15 + per seat. However, we want that to be broad enough to include those who might not be able to pay as such. So, our suggested price is $12. At that number you’re covering the cost of your seat and throwing in a little extra to help support the Pay What You Want program for everyone. The most popular choices are $15, $12 & $10.

What if I’ve only got, like, a dollar?
You’ve just found the best bargain you’ll ever get for that dollar and you are just as welcome to enjoy the show as everyone else. Sold! Come on in.

Can I decide what to pay after I see the show?
You have to pay at least $1 per person to get in, but we do have a donation box to accept additional support after the show.

Does anyone really pay more than they have to?
Yes, we have many wonderful supporters who pay $30, $50, even $100 and much more every time they see a show. Their support is a large part of how we’re able to continue this program. We could get really deep and philosophical at this point about the actual value of money and the psychological implications of paying more, but we’ll let you determine your own views on that. We can say this; you will probably feel good doing it.

Who else does Full PWYW?
The Randall Theatre Company is the only "Theater Company" in Oregon to work with an entirely PWYW model. Available Light Theatre in Columbus, OH does PWYW and Coeurage Theatre Company in Los Angeles, California does PWYW. There are a few restaurants (including a Panera) that let the customers decide what they pay, software companies, and Radiohead who released a PWYW album.

Downside of PWYW?
If you wait to get to the theater to purchase your tickets, there is no guarantee that a seat will be available for purchase - PWYW seats are first come, first served.  If you want to guarantee yourself a seat, we recommend going online to pay for your ticket(s).
Online purchased seats are reserved seats, but are sold at $18 each.

Is there another way to save money on show tickets other than PWYW?
You may also purchase our Flex passes online at $15 a piece (Starting at 4 passes) if you want another way to save money on show tickets. These save you money off the regular price of show tickets purchasable online.  See below for more information on Season Ticket Flex Passes.

General Admission Guaranteed Seating Ticket prices:

Guaranteed Seating Admission - Jacksonville - $22/$20, Medford - $20

Admission through pre purchasing Season Ticket Flex Passes - $15

Randall Theatre Jacksonville is an intimate 99 seat live theater venue.

Randall Theatre Medford is an intimate theater experience.  Seating is limited to 61 seats per performance.

Tickets can be purchased at the "Pay What You Want" rate at the theater box office one half hour before the scheduled performance or by clicking the link below

or call

Multi Production / Season Tickets and Group Ticket Options
Theatre + friends = A GREAT NIGHT OUT!  The perfect outing for your office, church, school, or a reunion with old friends!

Season Ticket Flex Packs & Group Rates
Purchase Season Ticket Packs of four (4) tickets to twenty (20) tickets and receieve a 33% savings! That's 6 tickets for the price of 4 and up to 30 tickets for the price of 20!!! Perfect for couples or theatre-loving friends who want to share in the fun of a season of Randall Theatre shows. 

Season Ticket Packs Are Flexible!  Use your tickets for any shows you want, in any combination that you want.  We keep them on file at the theater so you don't have to worry about loosing them!

Cost is $15 per ticket starting at four (4) going up to twenty (20) tickets. 

To purchase Season Ticket packs, contact Robin Downward at 541-632-3258 or send email to randalltheatre@gmail.com

For additional information or to purchase Flex Passes, please call 541-632-3258 or email

Membership Options

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Main Stage Productions
$22/20 - Jacksonville
$20 - Medford
Purchase online by clicking on the link below or by calling 541-632-3258

Be aware that by purchasing online  or by phone that there are per ticket service charges

"Pay What You Want" at the door
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